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Drilling Solutions

We have a highly experienced exploration and production drilling team with advanced drilling equipments whilst considering the environmental impact. GTL provides services for:

  • Diamond Core Drilling

  • Reverse Circultion Drilling (RC)

  • Air Core Drilling

  • Grade Control Drilling


Oil & Gas

GEOFIELDS supports oil and gas production by providing high-end and efficient drilling supplies and equipment to oil and gas companies in Tanzania and across Africa. 

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Drilling & Mining Supply

Geofields has the capacity to supply a complete range of products including drill bits, drilling muds and chemicals (AMC products), drill rods, and all drill consumables. We can assist with a wide range of drill bits and stubs in a variety of sizes suitable for soft, medium to hard rock formations. We supply all sizes of diamond coring equipment including core catchers, core barrels, front and back end reamers and other associated equipment.


Geofields supply a wide range of consumables used in bore hole drilling or mining. These include drilling muds and bentonite in granule, liquid or powder forms, hammer oils, drilling lubricants and environmental oils, core trays (both plastic and aluminium) and core loss
material, bore casing in all sizes and classes.

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Joint Venture & Partnership

GEOFIELDS has a strong working relationship with key stakeholders in the mining industry, including the Ministry of Minerals of Tanzania and it’s agencies.

Through our experienced team, we identify opportunities for our clients. We provide partnership and venture solutions to:

  • International partners, Local mining firms, and exploration companies with greenfield and brownfield projects.

  • We provide opportunities for companies seeking exploration and mining ventures through our exploration teams and drilling services.

  • GTL supports Tanzanian companies in quest of foreign investments and foreign partners searching for investments opportunities in Tanzania’s mineral sector.

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Mining Enterprise Service

An important key to mining success is the selection of good exploration projects and create opportunities for acquisition. Our backgrounds include extensive involvement in successful exploration projects, mining business, and evaluations of different projects for the purpose of delivering opportunities in mineral exploration & mining business ventures. With its vast experience in exploration business, GTL also connects prospective clients looking to venture in mining and exploration business. We design exploration programs and conduct timely, high quality and cost-effective surveys that suits current market conditions and prevailing technology.



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Drilling Services

Diamond Core Drilling

Reserve Circulation Drilling

Air Core Drilling

Grade Control Drilling

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Mineral Exploration


Oil & Gas


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